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Steel structure has many advantages, such as, lighter weight, high strength, strong vibration resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, better comfort and reasonable in the construction engineering, rapid application, its various application marks the rapid development of construction industry. With the development of our social economy and the improvement of science and technology, steel structure production and achieve a qualitative leap. The requirement of green building appeared, steel structure is conducive to protect the environment, energy conservation of buildings, as times’ development and needs of the market, has entered the mainstream of Chinese architecture, such as Beijing's " the bird's nest", "water cube", CCTV new building, Shanghai tower and each city's new Olympic sports center, and so on. They are very good interpretation of the advantages of steel structure, also made to promote the popularization and development of steel structure.



With the rapid development of social economy, people's living habits also had the very big change, especially in the shopping, people no longer rely only on the "one-stop" work style shopping supermarket, many people are sitting in the office so that move the mouse was finished goods procurement, this seems convenient way behind a strong logistics support, many logistics warehouse arises at the historic moment. Warehouse logistics warehousing class due to meet the logistics and warehousing two functions at the same time, so also is different from the general to the requirement of space and load of warehouse and workshop.

In the process of engineering construction, the realization of architectural function and engineering investment control is two goals of construction. Engineering investment control is the key in the project decision-making and design stage, after decided to invest a project, design will become every important, as the construction need to meet several functions, but project cost control is sharp focus that attracting each investor, and also naturally become strategic point evaluating the design quality, design level, design units choice. In order to survive in the design market with fierce competition and change, to provide quality products for construction owners, to improve the economic benefit of design products, has become the goal that each design unit strives for.
Due to the larger proportion of steel structure cost, the optimization of structural design can not only improve the safety of buildings, but can effectively reduce the project cost, so as to realize the maximization of investment return. We offer you a perfect solution from a architectural scheme to a economic and safe steel structure construction. 


Steel structure in building industry has a rapid development, especially at current modern logistics industry, logistics warehousing building has gained construction and use of large area. How to make a balance between the use of logistics warehousing and economy is a problem in front of everyone.
 Through to perfect design of steel structure can reduce the project cost, and it is the key to control the investment that how to correctly handle the unity of technology and economy. Neither one-sided emphasis on saving investment, nor reduce the technical and quality standards, but we also need to avoid the waste phenomenon of technology, economy, conservative design. 

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