Steel structure stadium&gymnasium project

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Since 1999, Union steel structure has established special research institutions to research and develops steel structure housing system and carried out more than 60 test and inspection systems, over 60 patent achievements, formed a mature set of products of steel structure residence system. In March 2010, Rio tinto steel structure by the ministry of the panel, housing have been named as "national housing industrialization base".



Union steel structure building in global area s quite large and mature of the steel structure housing group, finished a series of steel structure housing, this established Union strong position in the field of steel structure housing. Union steel structure to undertake the national ministry of construction of science and technology project "the research and development and industrialization of new steel structure residence system", "national green building innovation award" issued by the ministry of construction.

Steel structure residence system main components
1)    Low structural system adopts steel frame - reinforced concrete cylinder system.
2)    Low column uses high-frequency welding square steel tube on concrete column. 
3)    The low beam uses high-frequency welding h-beam.
4)    Low floor adopts steel bar truss and concrete casting or composite plate.
5)    Low wall retaining system use Han DE bang CCA board grouting wall.
6)    Low steel uses thick type coating fireproof paint outsourcing CCA board.

Main features of steel structure residential building system

1)    High degree of industrialization, industry strong traction, a large number of social labor saving, improve social efficiency.
2)    House with light weight, fast construction speed, short construction period (reduce more 1/3 than traditional way), significantly reduce construction cost.
3)    Low construction cover area, less energy consumption, reducing the dust, sewage, noise pollution to the environment.
4)    Small wall thickness, high room rate (8%) more than the traditional form, the space is connected fully, flexible layout.
5)    Better seismic performance, fire prevention, anti-theft ability strong, safe and reliable.
6)    Heat preservation and heat insulation, energy saving, save maintenance costs.
7)    Ventilation day lighting effect is better.
8)    Resource utilization ratio is high, with good environmental protection.

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