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Focus On Steel Structures SINCE 1995, Detailing, Modelling, Fabrication

I hope you can check several of our projects first, I think they can show our ability directly. 
(1) 37+2 floors skyscraper:
(2) Dockyard workshop for CSSC :
(3) Workshop with elevation of 30 meters, single span of 72 meters:
(4) 120,000 sq.m. Assembly workshop:
(5) Production base for Volkswagen:

About Union Group
Union Construction Group (Union Group) is a mega steel structure construction group in China, specializing in design, fabrication and construction of steel structures since 1995, with 1000+ projects in China and abroad, providing integrated steel construction solution for customers. 

▲ Video Instruction about Union Construction Group and Its Factory
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Our products and services cover all kinds of steel structure industrial buildings, steel structure public buildings, steel structure high-rise and super-rise buildings, fabricated green houses and villas, etc. The projects cover various fields, including building materials industry, automobile industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, textile industry, logistics industry, steel industry, pharmaceutical industry, power industry, food industry, electronics industry and so on. We design and build targeted steel structural based on different industry characteristics. 

About Union Factory 

Guangdong Union Steel Structure Material Co., Ltd. (Union SSM) is the production base of Union Group, located in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, covering a total area of 100, 000 square meters. In addition to the R&D and production for our group, we also export various steel structure products and technologies. 

Production Base / Factory of Guangdong Union Steel Structure Material Co., Ltd.

▲ The Factory / Production Base of Union Construction Group Shortly After Its Completion
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▲ The Reception Hall of Union Office Building

Union SSM has a number of domestic and international advanced main steel structure production lines and bounding system production lines, with the annual capacity of processing steel structural components 60, 000 tons and new building materials bounding system is 1 million square meters. Our main products cover all kinds of main steel structure system, such as light and heavy H-section steel, box beam, cross-shaped column and pipe truss, as well as various composite plates and other building plates for wall, roof and interior decorative bounding systems. 

1/8 parts of Union workshop
▲ 1/8 Parts of Union Workshop




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☑ China First Class Steel Structure Specialized Contracting Enterprise

The second grade professional contracting enterprise qualification of steel structure engineering in China, it can undertake the construction of the following steel structure projects:

(1) the height of the steel structure is more than 60 meters;

(2) the steel structure has a single span of more than 30 meters;

(3) the short side span of reticulated shell and grid structure is more than 50 meters;

(4) the total weight of single steel structure is over 4000 tons;

(5) single building area of more than 30000 square meters.

☑ China First Class Steel Structure Specialized  Manufacturing Enterprise

It can undertake the manufacturing tasks of key steel structures in the corresponding industries, with the production scale reaching more than 12,000 tons per year. It is capable of manufacturing steel structure of high-rise and large-span buildings, steel structure of large-span Bridges, high tower masts, steel frame of large boilers, steel structure of ocean engineering, containers, pipes, corridors and chimneys, etc.  Details:

●The steel structure enterprises with core competitiveness

●The grade AAA credit enterprise in construction industry

●The council member of Chinese Steel Structure Association

●The model credit enterprise of Guangdong Province

●ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

●ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification

(1) First class qualification steel structure specialized contracting enterprise and manufacturing enterprise
(2) Focus On Steel Structure For 24 Years, professional undertake domestic and foreign steel structure project materials processing business

Full Logo
Large construction group located in Guangdong, China, specialize in design, fabrication and construction of steel structures since 1995, with 100K sqm production base and 1000+ successful steel structure projects around the world, one-stop supplier for all your steel work needs, overseas erection can be undertaken as required.