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Each of UNIONSSM’s steel structures building is tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers with high performance, efficiency and international quality standards. If you are looking for a competitive price and best quality steel structure contractor, please contact UNIONSSM for our advice. We are ready to answer any questions regarding your projects. Send us email or wechat message to request a quotation to UNIONSSM’s professional advisory team. UNIONSSM Team will work out the details and contact you at the earliest.

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 Headquarters: Bldg 14, Link International Business Park, No. 96, Kechuang Rd., Dongguan (523560), Guangdong, China
  总部地址: 广东省东莞市南城街道科创路96号,联科国际信息产业园,14栋(邮编:523560)
 Factory: Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park, Donghua Town, Qingyuan (513061), Guangdong, China
  工厂地址: 广东省清远市英德市东华镇清远华侨工业园(邮编:513061)

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Large construction group located in Guangdong, China, specialize in design, fabrication and construction of steel structures since 1995, with 100K sqm production base and 1000+ successful steel structure projects around the world, one-stop supplier for all your steel work needs, overseas erection can be undertaken as required.