Union Construction Group attended the research symposium of urban-rural development minister held by Jiang Weixin in Guangdong province

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On 28thJuly, Mr. Jiang weixin (minister), Mr. David Chen(vice minister) of housing and urban-rural development department held the research work, the theme is the reform of administrative examination and approval system in our province ,and research symposium was held in Guangzhou. Symposium was hosted by standing committee of the provincial party committee, executive vice governor Shao-huaxu, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government。
The department was responsible for the optimization of engineering project examination and approval work, they are
Guangzhou mayor, the provincial development and reform commission, provincial housing construction department, provincial industrial and commercial bureau.

Meeting, Luo Ou introduced the achievements in Guangdong province last year, such as speeding the government function transformation, perfection of the socialist market economy system; law building, international business environment in the main measures and results. Ling weixian (committee deputy of Guangzhou municipal) introduced how to rebuild examination and approval process of the construction engineering project, and shorted from 799 working days to 37 days in examination and approval.
Shao-Huaxu( the deputy of Guangdong the housing minister) ,Jiang Weixin and other leaders from urban-rural development said thanks to guide and help on the reform and development of Guangdong in a long time. He fully affirmed that Guangdong should continue to emancipate the mind; reform and innovation under the new situation, especially in reform practice of the administrative examination and approval system and said Guangdong should continue accumulating the reform experience.

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