Tube truss is a lattice structure that connected by end of each round rod, now is widely used in the field and is economical and practical, such as the Convention and Exhibition Center, station, machine factory building, sports venues or some other large public buildings ,it have been widely used.
Steel structure with its own advantages, which occupies in the building in an increasing proportion of the steel structure, has also made a major breakthrough.

Steel tube structure of the biggest advantage is that it can meet the people requirements on the building's function, sensory requirements and economic benefit, also is is a perfect combination of the requirements and tube truss structure of steel pipe structure, with its unique advantage, so steel truss receives people's favor.
Compared with grid structure, pipe truss structure saves many longitudinal rods and rack ball node, can meet the requirements of different building forms, especially construct arches and arbitrary curve shape, has more advantages than the grid structure, and the stability of the anisotropy of the same saves the amount of material, steel pipe truss structure is developed based in Grid structure, compared with grid structure, the steel pipe truss has its unique advantages and practical structure steel consumption but also more economical.
Compared to the opening section of the traditional (H type steel and steel pipe section) steel truss, truss structure material around the neutral axis is uniform distribution, the section also has good compressive strength and anti bending bearing capacity and high stiffness, without gusset plates, simple structure, the most important is the tube truss structure has the advantages of beautiful appearance, easy molding there is a certain decorative effect, the overall performance of pipe truss structure, torsional rigidity and beautiful appearance, production, installation, turning and lifting are relatively easy; steel tube truss made of cold-formed steel, with light structure, good rigidity, save steel, and can give full play to the advantages of materials strength, especially more economical in slenderness ratio by pressing rod control and support system used at present, as the structure of buildings belong to public buildings, the structure has a beautiful shape (built in flat, circular arch ),easy to install, good structural stability, large roof stiffness, good economic effect and so on.

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