What is hoisting safety in the process of steel structure engineering

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What does security matters need attention in the process of lifting?  Union Steel Structure Group advises you as follows:

1.Firstly check the construction work, and order technical staff in place, labor division is clear to everyone, hoisting conditions (weather, wind, and so on) meet the requirements, Speak is clear when operators send signal, the safety equipment ,such as safety helmet, safety belt, prevent slippery shoes, wear correctly. 

2. Please take a inspection, review and, supervision on safety situation before assembly, and the inspectors should record and sign, then, the try hanging can start after confirmed the lifting safe. 
3. Check carefully the balance of steel components when try hanging, rigging connection is firm, the crane load situation, lug situation of steel members, rigging, crane, load changes, then operators confirmed to start a formal lifting after checked the condition of try hoisting.

4. To confirm hook points of steel member, connection of wire &rope is firm, have auxiliary hoist hook point should be reasonable. If two or more cranes work together, the commander should designate somebody to coordinate the speed of cranes.

 5. the hoisting process, management, command, operators should comply with their respective duties, cooperate with each other, safety officer should manager the whole process.

 6. Before steel members are ready and fixed, Please confirm steel members on site are correct, then make them formation and connection in a relatively short period of time artifacts, assembled to form stable artifacts.

 7. In hoisting process, the adjustment operation of position and orientation shall be in accordance with the construction schemes, when put down steel members, shouldn’t touch other components or equipments. 

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