Steel structure factory building acceptance criteria

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Steel structure workshop is mainly composed of steel columns, steel beam, steel structure, steel roof truss (the span of plant is bigger, basic is the steel structure truss now), steel roof, pay attention to that the wall of the steel structure also can use brick wall. Due to increase the steel output of our country, many factories began to adopt the steel structure workshop; it often is light steel structure of factory building. Construction of steel industry and civil steel construction facilities also called the steel structure. So what are the acceptance standard of steel structure workshop? Here to understand together.




  1. Steel structure building and its foundation must connect firmly, be fixed screw without omission.
  2. The verticality deviation of steel structure workshop shall not be more than 10 mm.
  3. There will not be obvious gap between plates.
  4. Steel structure workshop must be coated with aluminum groove and joint sealant of aluminium window.
  5. To check roof gutter whether the sealant is complete.
  6. Fixed plate and aluminium, core pulling rivets must be split neatly; spacing shall not be wider than 400 mm.
  7. Aluminium window installation must be strong, complete accessories.
  8. Roofing must use the pressed tile spray, splices shall not be less than one corrugated, good seal has no leakage, ridge tile joint must be flat and level.
  9. Drain pipe should be installed firmly and keep perpendicularity.
  10. After the completion of the project, must clean the clean up all the dust, garbage,.
  11. Exposed iron must be brush antirust paint, keep walls of aluminum alloy not exposed.

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