What is a composite board?

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Composite board is generally divided into: metal composite board, wood composite panels, color steel composite panels, rock wool composite panels, and so on.
Composite materials can be divided into composite panels, pipe, and composite bar and so on. It is widely used in anti-corrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, turbine, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, automobile, etc.
Metal composite board is to cover several different metals on a layer of metal plate in order to save resources and cost without reducing the use effect (resistance, mechanical strength, etc.). Composite method usually is that the way exploded after legal, explosive compound rolling, rolling composite etc.

Wood composite panels are wood cladding on another board, brush adhesive and in the middle.
Color steel composite panels is that combined by fabric material between the panel and bottom plate , and then become a compounded panel by binder (or foaming) insulation composite sheet.
Rock wool composite board is composite mainly of basalt and other natural ore, etc., rock wool board is fiber formed by high temperature melting, adding suitable amount of binder. Rock wool panel is applicable to industrial equipment, building, ships of adiabatic, sound insulation, etc.

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