Why choosing you?

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We confess that our price won't be the lowest, but our company specializes in steel structure for 24 years, we has rich experience in steel structure design, manufacturing and construction, also we have international advanced well-equipped production base with skilled workers, so we can not only guarantee the accuracy and quality requirements of each component, but can also avoid the component processing errors caused by design, drawing reviewing, manufacturing and other reasons to minimize the risk of cannot accurately install. 
Choosing us can complete your fine steel construction project with more confidence, and even save a lot of time and cost.

Certificate of Chinese Grade one steel structure specialise manufacturer

♦ Certificate of Chinese Grade one steel structure specialise manufacturer   
What's the meaning of the certificate: It can undertake the manufacturing tasks of key steel structures in the corresponding industries, with the production scale reaching more than 12,000 tons per year. It is capable of manufacturing steel structure of high-rise and large-span buildings, steel structure of large-span Bridges, high tower masts, steel frame of large boilers, steel structure of ocean engineering, containers, pipes, corridors and chimneys, etc.  Details: http://www.cncscs.org/zzps1.asp

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