Learn About Metal building system

A metal building system is a custom-engineered steel solution that optimizes and integrates steel framing, roofing and walls. It is the most popular low-rise commercial building solution in the world because


How much is the steel structure per square meter? Is a steel or concrete structure more appropriate?

In this paper, several questions about steel structure are answered. 1. How much is a square meter of steel structure? 2. What is the price composition of steel structure? 3. How much steel is used per square meter of all kinds of buildings? 4. Is the


Don’t Make These 3 Blunders When Buying a Steel Building

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you were about to make a purchase, someone stepped in and told you about all the things that you...


Concrete Roads vs Asphalt Roads

Asphalt roads wear more than concrete roads, but many countries are replacing concrete roads with asphalt because it is cheaper, despite concrete roads having some major advantages. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of them.


CSA S16:19 Design of steel structures-National standard of Canada

Preface/ScopePrefaceThis is the ninth edition of CSA S16, Design of steel structures. It supersedes the previous limit states editions published...



Structural steel fabrication is the process of bending, cutting, and assembling structural steel to create parts, machines, or structures. Structural steel fabricators use machinery to construct a steel piece viable for structural assembly.

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