Matters need attention when working aloft for steel structure processing

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Steel structure is made of steel components, such as steel plate, steel column, steel truss girder artifacts; Among components or parts, bolt or rivet connection of structure is one of the main building structure connection types. Steel structure now is commonly used types of building structures, also is attracting more and more attention.



As is well-known, the aerial work situation sometimes will happen in the process of steel structure installation, except for normal job, the important thing is to keep operators safety and run in correct operation norms. There are some notices for operators and everyone’s attention in aerial installation work of a steel building:
1.When working at height, it must firstly build scaffolding or take some measures to prevent falling. Aerial operators should be lightweight clothes and wear soft shoes.
2. Staff must use seat belt, and It will install a safety net or protective railings in dangerous situations, for example, the dam crest, steep slope, roof, cliffs, tower, suspension bridge, and other dangerous edge, airport ,etc.
3.Seat belts should be checked before use, and shall regularly (every 6 months) for static load test, the test load of 225 kg, test time is 5 minutes, test is aim to check whether there is a deformation, fracture, etc., and staff must complete the test record. Unqualified seat belts should be handled in time. Seat belt hook or the rope should be hung on solid component or use the steel wire rope designed for seat belt. Forbid to hang on the move or unstable objects.
4.Uner working in the high places, except person relative working, no other people stay in line or below where operators work, the working place should be under the fence or other protective device, to prevent falling object cuts. Such as work on the platform of grille type, in order to prevent the tools and equipment from fail, there should be laid wood.

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