The work safe norms in the construction process of large steel structure factory buildings

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Large steel structure factory building is mainly composed of steel column, steel beam, roof purlin, metope purlin, brace, tie rod, roof panel, wall panels, lighting, ventilation, the support parts between the column , doors and Windows, the anchor bolt, and accessories, etc. the most of them is steel column, steel beam, purlin most.     
Steel structure is isotropic material and it’s homogeneity is good, also is a ideal elastic body, it is the most accord with the assumption of general engineering mechanics; the plasticity and toughness of steel is better, steel can have large deformation, can bear dynamic load.

Steel structure factory building industrialization degree is high, high mechanization degree; this can be have a mass and specialized production. So, in the construction process of large steel structure factory building, what are the safety standards? Please see the following analysis of the technical staff from Union Steel Structure Group.

1. People, anyone, must wear safety helmet before entering into a large steel structure factory building construction site.
2. The commanders should send unified signal to control hoisting operation of steel structure factory building construction, construction will not continuous operation when the signal is not clear.
3. The commander should stand in the position that all construction personnel to be able to see, equally, commander should also be able to watch in the whole process of hoisting, if construction personnel can't see the commander, should through the commander's assistant to convey the command signal.
 4.In the process of lifting of steel structure workshop, if there was a problem in process, construction personnel must immediately report to commanders, if don’t receive the signal from commander, construction personnel cannot leave or continue the construction without authorization.
5. In the process of lifting operations, if for some accident disrupted construction, it needs to take corresponding safety measures, and shall not cause a state of suspension components.
6.In rainy and snowy day, or more than five wind conditions, hoisting activities of steel structure workshop will stop.
 7. Should set up a security cordon around the construction site to prohibit non- construction personnel entering.
8. When high-altitude operation, protection tools must firmly tie bolt rope to ensure the safety of construction personnel.
9. During the construction of large-scale steel structure workshop, especial hoisting weight, constructors are prohibited to stand under the weight or near the rigging, so as to avoid accidents.

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