Welded H-beam



    H-type steel includes hot-rolled type and welded type, where the hot-rolled H-type steel is divided into wide-flange H-type steel (HW), middle-flange H-type steel (HM) and narrow-flange H-type steel (HN).


          H-type steel is a kind of economic and efficient section with more optimized distribution of section area and more reasonable ratio of strength to weight. Its name comes from the fact that its section is same with the English letter "H". All parts of H-type steel are arranged in rectangular, so it features with strong resistance to bending, simple construction, cost effective and light structural weight, etc. in all directions. 

         This type of steel is mainly used in columns and beams of industrial and civil buildings, steel construction support brackets of industrial structures, steel piles and supporting structures of underground construction, petrochemical, power and other industrial equipment structures, large-span steel bridge structures, ships, and machinery manufacturing frame structures, etc.

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