Hot-rolled H type steel

Product features

H type steel has two kinds, hot-rolled H steel and H steel welding (H) , hot-rolled H steel consists of wide flange steel H (HW), in the flange of H steel (HM) and narrow flange type H steel (HN), H is a type of steel section of optimized area, high strength to weight ratio of economic section profile is more reasonable, because of its cross section and English letter "H" the same name, due to various parts of H steel are arranged at right angles, so H steel in each direction has advantages of high anti bending ability, simple construction, saving cost. The structure and light weight is widely used mainly for industrial and civil structures with beams and columns, the industrial steel structure have bearing bracket, underground engineering pile and steel support structure, chemical and electric power oil and other industrial equipment structure, large span steel bridge components, machinery manufacturing, ship structure.
Product details


Specification parameter

  1. Flange width, lateral stiffness and flexural strength ability than the beam height of about 5%-10%;
  2. Compared with welded I-beam, low cost, high precision, residual stress force is small, without the need for expensive welding and weld testing, saving steel structure manufacture cost 30% or so.
  3. Under the same section load, the hot rolled H steel structure is more than the weight of the traditional steel structure 15%-20%;
  4. Compared with the concrete structure, the hot rolling H steel structure can increase the area of use of 6%, while the weight of the structure to reduce the 30% one 20%, reducing the structural design of internal forces;
  5. H type steel can be processed into T type steel, the honeycomb beam can be combined to form a variety of cross section forms, which greatly meet the needs of engineering design and production.