Polyurethane composite board for external wall

The polyurethane composite board of the outer wall is used for the whole automatic polyurethane production line to use the biological base material, the non fluorine foaming, and the harmful substances which are prohibited or restricted by the state, are used for the green environmental protection material. Polyurethane composite board with high quality raw materials to achieve the high efficiency and thermal insulation, super flame retardant, durable, good size stability, low carbon environmental protection characteristics.

1. External wall composite panels and systems with high efficiency, noise, sound insulation, excellent flame retardant rating and environmental protection performance of the building envelope;
2. The outer plate can long maintain and keep the building color and lasting bright clean surface;
3.High-quality insulation, thermal insulation, raw materials used does not contain CFC polyurethane (PU) and poly is ocyanurate PIR, the ultra low thermal conductivity can easily make the buildings to achieve the required insulation and to prevent condensation, reduction of wall thickness, improve the use of architectural space;
4.The hidden plug-in structure design, smooth surface, double seal waterproof design system, can make the exterior walls of the building to air more excellent water sealing effect;
5.Fireproof, heat insulation, excellent appearance.

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