Roof gusset plate - 820

Material introduction:

          Roof gusset plate - 820 is a kind of economic roof plate. It is applicable to general-span roof system. With good wind resistance and water drainage performance, the plate can realize a variety of architectural design effects. The plate is made from colored coated sheet, which is cold rolled into contour plates with various wave forms, applicable to industrial and civil buildings, warehouse, special buildings, general-span steel construction roof, wall and internal/external wall decorations, etc. The plate enjoys such features as light weight, strong rigidity, colorful, convenient and efficient construction, shock resistance, fire prevention, rain prevention, long life and maintenance free, etc.


1)Adopt fixed concealed installation structure.
2)No screw penetration on the surface.
3)Adopt steel bracket for fixing.
4)Excellent water drainage performance.
5)Economic and practical .
6)Different length can be customized according to the project requirements.

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