Standing seam roof plate - 473

Material introduction:

          Standing seam roof plate - 473 is a new generation of 360 degree standing seam roof plate system according to the market requirements, with the sealed rib height of 75mm. The unique fixed seat design, advanced automatic sealing technology and high-precision molding equipment together provide watertight and airtight roof system. It is applicable to various industrial and commercial buildings, especially the roof with long single pitch .



1)360-degree edge curling seam technology guarantees the outstanding waterproof performance of roof system.
2)Combine the plate rib of 75mm high after edge curling with the automatic sealing technology, to prevent the capillary water seepage conditions.
3)Sliding bearing design satisfies the requirement of roof deformation caused by heat expansion and cold contraction
4)The seamer adopts advanced driving and forming roller to ensure the seam quality and speed
5)The transverse stiffener of standing seam plate - 473 can not only reduce the wind disturbance, but also improve the resistance to deformation of roof system
6)Combining with other mature roof systems and accessories, the whole roof system can achieve excellent heat preservation and insulation, sound insulation and waterproof performance through flexible design
7)According to the on-site roll forming service, the plate length can be customized as required and doesn't require longitudinal lapping, so as to further improve the watertight performance of system, reduce the site installation cost and technical difficulties, and increase the installation speed 

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