The standing seam roof plate - 510/410

Material introduction:

          The standing seam roof plate - 510/410 is a kind of high-quality and excellent standing seam roof and wall panel, which is applicable to various architectural models, such as arc, spherical, low-grade and fan types, etc., meeting the requirements of economic and durable and representing rich and colorful design style of modern buildings.



1)Equipped with fan-shaped plate type, and can be pre-bended to positive curve shape
2)Outstanding architectural effect, meeting the 3-D vertical roof modeling design requirements of various shapes
3)Unique standing seam process, providing reliable watertight performance
4)Flexible roof system design, achieving excellent heat preservation, insulation and sound insulation performance
5)Plate can adopt on-site roll forming according to the project requirements 
6)Color plate, AL-Mn-Mg plate, Ti-Zn plate or plates of other materials can be selected 

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