The roof AL-Mn-Mg standing seam board - 420

Material introduction:

          It is a kind of highly cost-effective roofing and external wall material. This board is widely used in the construction industry and plays an important role in developing the modern buildings to be more comfortable, lightweight, durable, economical, and environmental friendly. Featuring by proper structural strength, weather resistance, waterlogging tolerance and easy to bend and weld, the board is widely accepted as the roof and external wall materials for building with the design life of more than 50 years; to adapt to the building design of oceanic climate, the 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy material with stronger corrosion resistance can be selected.



1)No bolt penetrate through the roof, ensuring excellent watertight performance.
2)Advanced concealed standing seam design, providing excellent wind resistance.
3)Provide arc plates and swedged plates, various plate width for selection.
4)Plate can adopt on-site roll forming according to the project requirements, to avoid overlapping.
5)Color plate, AL-Mn-Mg plate or other metal materials can be selected.

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