YL Floor Support plate 670

1. Between floor support plate and concrete produce, maximum binding force;
2.Replace steel and template , saves the amount of reinforcement;
3.Bearing capacity of high strength;
4.Persistent refractory performance, needn’t fire retardant coating, system conforms to the refractory limit, can meet the national first-level fireproof grade requirements;
5.Complete and beautiful ceiling effect, can be omitted inside decorate condole top, add space height;
6.Superior suspension system, can meet the requirements of installation of various kinds of suspension;
7.Greatly reduces the project cost, shorten the construction period;
8.Flat bottom, beautiful appearance.

Composite construction has contributed significantly to the dominance of steel frames in the commercial building sector worldwide.
Composite floors are usually incorporated into multi-storey commercial structures and typically consist of profiled steel decking with a reinforced concrete floor cast in-situ. The decking not only acts as a permanent shutter, but it also provides sufficient shear-bond with the concrete by means of the shear-studs, so that when the concrete has gained sufficient strength the two materials act ‘compositely’, hence it is known as a ‘composite floor’.
The composite action is achieved by means of shear-studs which are welded through the decking to the top flange of the supporting steelwork by means of thro-deck welding. These shear studs provide sufficient shear connection between the concrete and the steel floor so that they act together structurally. Openings may be incorporated into the floor for stairways, elevator shafts, and service wells.
There are many benefits to be gained from this method of construction, some of which include:

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