C type purline

C type purlin, that is cold forming sectional steel adopts high strength steel sheet, after cold bending, and roll-in to form, it is in high strength and wall thickness is even, the performance of the section is good. Compared with traditional hot rolling, the same strength could reduce 30% of the material, and different from other technologies, during the manufacturing process, the cold bending steel would not warm up, and has no emission of carbon and other harmful gas, which would do well to environmental protection. The dimension of the C type steel is adjustable, has advantages such as big pressure resistance.
   Shape steel formed through cold bending are light in dimension, which applies to the loading features of the roof purlin, and make full use of the biomechanical function of the steel , the C type steel is beautiful on the outside, the use of C type purlin could lighten the weight of the construction roof and wall surface, reduce the amount of steel to be used, therefore is called economical and efficient new construction steel material which replace traditional purlin such as angle iron, box iron, and steel pipes. 

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