Diffuse lighting board


Diffuse daylighting panel is a kind of daylinghting material used together with the structure steel construction. Its function is similar to common glass. The panel is mainly used for roof daylighting and can be made into wove form or profiled steel sheet. It is made of glass fiber reinforcement plastic, flammable and thermosetting materials, without generating melting drops during burning. There are various type of daylighting panel sections, which can be easily t connected with profiled steel. As the coefficient of thermal expansion of daylighting panel is close to the steel plate, the potential leakage problem can be minimized when used together with the steel plate.
   Diffuse daylighting panel also is called glass fiber reinforcement polyester plate, consisting of high-performance upper membrane, reinforcement polyester and glass fiber. Featuring by stable quality, durable, strong ultraviolet resistance, pervious to light, crushing resistant, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistant, high light transmittance retentivity, easy to install, etc., the panel is very popular among customers and can be widely used in roof and wall of industrial, commercial and civil buildings.

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