Industrial rolling shutter

   The aluminum material is more widely used in the industrial rolling door, for the good quality of the aluminum alloy and that, it holds advantages such as not easy to rust, corrode, high strength, innovative design, flat and beautiful outlook, highly stiff, tight sealing and fire resistance. All those make it being used more widely and have long working life. The door is firm, generous and beautiful. It is widely used in doors of large-scale workshops and warehouses, and holds characteristics such as prevention of thievery and safe

  1. Firm, beautiful
  2. Occupy no ground
  3. Safe and easy to operate
  4. Flexible electrical and manual manipulation
  5. Beautiful, colorful, fashionable, distinguishable
  6. Efficient capability of corrosion and dust prevention
  7. Excellent anti-leaking and drainage ability
  8. High strength, wind resistance and reliable bearing capability
  9. Perfect treatment of details
  10. Reasonable price/performance ratio
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