Industrial upgrading door

  The design of JAD-GYM-B targets at customers who need external wall doors for industrial workshops which are firm and with good thermal insulation, and could save space. When opens, such JAD-GYM-B would slide below the ceiling, this would occupy no space, and make the door open completely. Sandwich type door plank of high quality could provide extremely good insulation performance, and could satisfy requirements of different customers, appropriate to enterprise, public places or houses such as workshops, facades and garages.


  1. Easy to clean and beautiful outlook could improve the image of the enterprise
  2. Performance of heat insulation and preservation: double steel plate could reduce heat loss; the high density polyurethane thermal insulation layer inside could provide excellent heat insulation and preservation effect
  3. Noise isolating: open with low noise, the galvanized roller seat is equipped with adjustable bearing and wear-resisting lugs which could ensure mute open and close of the door.
  4. Wind resistance: when the door reaches certain width, there designed an external stiffener to ensure its strength, the European standard test confirmed that this could resist instantaneous 10 grade wind.
  5. Air impermeability: there are rubber sealing strips of high quality on the top, bottom and two sides of the door plank, and reliable sealing between planks as well, so as to protect the door from corrosion. There are sealing strips on the four sides to ensure good air impermeability.
  6. Safety devices: anti-dropping devices, supplementary restraint system (alternative), to prevent falling of the door, and when the bottom of the door hits obstacles, the door would stop automatically or run inversely, so as to prevent accidents. There are devices to prevent the wire rope from fracturing and safety devices for torsional spring fracture.  Prevent the door from hurting anyone or anything
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