Congratulations to Our 8 More Engineers to Obtain the Certificates of Prefabricated Engineer (Installation)

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Today, another 8 of our project managers have obtained the Prefabricated Engineer (Installation) Certificate, which is a Professional Skills Certificate issued by Education & Examination Center Of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

A prefabricated engineer refers to a skilled person who uses prefabricated technology to engage in professional and technical work in various links such as building project establishment, planning, design, drawing review, construction, supervision, testing, completion acceptance, approval of sales, maintenance, and use.

Chinese Prefabricated engineers are divided into three majors: Installation, design, and fabrication. 

The new-type building industrialization is driven by a new generation of information technology, with systematic and integrated design and lean production and construction throughout the project life cycle as the main means, integrating the entire industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain of the project, to achieve high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-efficiency project construction and low consumption, low emission building industrialization, China is currently promoting prefabricated buildings in an all-round way to significantly improve the construction level and building quality. At the same time, it fully implements the new development concept, promotes the green development and high-quality development of urban and rural construction, and drives the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the construction industry with the industrialization of new buildings. Powerful "Made in China" brand.

In order to intensify the cultivation of talents, accelerate the cultivation of prefabricated construction talents, and further improve the theoretical and technical level of construction engineering professionals, more and more engineers and project managers of Union Construction Group and Fabrication Managers of Union Steel Structue Material Co., Ltd. will take the professional skill training of Prefabricated engineer and get the related Professional Skills Certificates.

Chinese Prefabricated engineers

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This is to certify that the certificate holder participates in the professional skill training of Prefabricated engineer (Installation), completes the content specified in the training plan, and reaches the professional skill level required by the relevant position after being assessed.


Chinese Prefabricated engineers


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