Good News | Union Construction Group Once Again Won the Guangdong Steel Structure Gold Award

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On December 13, 2019, the "Sixth Member Representative Meeting of Guangdong Steel Structure Association 2019" was held grandly hosted by Guangdong Steel Structure Association. Our company, as the director of Guangdong Steel Structure Association, was represented by Cao Deming, the deputy general manager of UnionSSM, to attend this event.


Guangdong Steel Structure Association released the list of the 11th Guangdong Steel Structure Gold Award "Guangdong Steel Award". Guangdong Union Steel Structure Materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary ofUnion Construction Group, as the material processing unit of the award-winning project, and Union Green Construction Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. as the project construction unit, also won the 2019 Guangdong Steel Structure Gold Award "Guangdong Steel Award". In view of the outstanding contributions of 11 comrades from our company, including Cao Fayang, Cao Yangguang, Wu Sunjian, Nong Weiquan, and Feng Mingguang, in the project, they were awarded the title of "Excellent Technical Personnel" by Guangdong Steel Structure Association.


Award-winning project:

The logistics warehouse project of Baoju (China) Children's Products Co., Ltd. is located in Yinhe Industrial Zone, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is an advanced intelligent logistics warehouse in China.

This project is the main one floor, partially interlayer (3 floors), the structural form is a steel frame structure, the safety level is two, and the fire protection level is one. The roof adopts 470-type aluminum-magnesium-manganese board with 360-degree vertical edge occlusal roof panels, polymer modified bitumen waterproof membrane and glass fiber insulation cotton and other multi-layer processes, and the outer panel of the wall enclosure system adopts aluminum-magnesium-manganese 25/290 type panel side embedding system, the inner panel is made of aluminum-zinc pressed color steel plate 900 type, which effectively improves the waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, air tightness, service life and aesthetics of the building. The building size is 51.2m X 47.7m, the building area is 3367.05㎡, and the building height is 35.3m. The foundation is a reinforced concrete raft foundation with a thickness of 1m.


This project is a new storage project in the factory area. The north, east and south sides of the construction area are only 6m away from the project building, and the west side is only 8m away from the project building. The construction site is very narrow, and the space for material stacking and construction operations is extremely narrow, which seriously restricts the construction of the entire project. At the same time, it increases the difficulty of manual and mechanical operations, and has very high requirements for safety.

The high single-story height, complex enclosure system and narrow construction site are the construction difficulties of this project. During the evaluation process, the experts fully affirmed the precision of the high-altitude butt joint of the steel columns of this project, the one-time inspection of the on-site welds and bolt connections reached 100% pass rate, and the efficient and safe hoisting scheme.  The high-standard processing and production quality is highly evaluated and the new technology and high quality adopted by Union Green Construction Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. in the construction project are greatly recognized.


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