How Steel Is Used in the World of Construction

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Steel is a common construction material mainly due to its durability and high strength. Steel's relatively low cost, coupled with its high tensile strength, has made it a popular material for civil and structural engineers.

The types of steel used in construction often vary depending on the nature of the construction project. Are you curious to learn more about the main types of steel used in construction? Read on as we discuss all you need to know about steel and its various uses in construction projects.

Structural steel

This type of steel is used to make structural steel shapes because it is made from a detailed cross-section while adhering to strict mechanical and chemical composition norms.

Varying countries have different requirements for standard structural steel. Structural steel is ductile, sturdy, and durable, and it can be molded into almost any shape depending on the construction; it may be built almost immediately after arriving at the construction site.

Structural steel is fire-resistant in and of itself, but fire protection should be supplied if it becomes overheated to the degree that it begins to lose strength.

Corrosion must be avoided when employing structural steel, although towering buildings can withstand various disasters when constructed with structural steel.

Prefabricated steel

Modern steel prefabrication can provide a wide range of construction solutions that are customized to your design specifications. Precision cutting, welding and quality steel are the winning combinations for these demanding tasks. Whether you're building a trailer, a house or even a shopping center, prefabrication is the new, more cost-effective way to build than traditional construction.


The humble metal roof now offers a host of new advantages. Better steel fabrication, the protection of Zincalume combined with modern colors and better cost-effectiveness make steel roofing the preferred choice. In the domestic market, steel roofs are now an architectural fashion statement, offering the opportunity to redesign your home and add high ceilings at a good cost basis. Modern steel roofs can offer superior value in terms of space, product life, appearance, reliability and even energy efficiency.

Accessory Buildings

Steel accessory buildings are creating a new type of accessory building that is more elegant and affordable than their predecessors. Universal beams and universal columns make building easier than using timber frames. These high-quality buildings are springing up all over Australia, partly because of the lower cost, but mainly because of the great flexibility in design.

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