Innovations in Steel Framing for Commercial Construction

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Whether we consider residential construction or commercial construction, the industry has come a long way. It is all because of the innovations in Structural Framing, especially in the field of steel framing.

Top 6 Innovations in steel framing for commercial construction

The following are the top 6 innovations that have changed the commercial construction industry by a huge leap.

  1. BIM technology

BIM technology is the technology of building information management. It involves a collaborative working environment for any commercial construction project with the help of a 3D model. All the stakeholders can get details of that project's functional and non-functional components. The best part is that it is highly versatile, allowing personnel from different fields to work collaboratively on file details of the project.

  1. Connection design

Connection design was not a huge part of commercial construction since the main focus was basic structural design. However, recently there have been many innovations in this industry with different types of connecting parts, coating, material layers, and other elements.

Today construction design has come a long way, and all the innovations make building structures much more reliable than in the past.

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  1. Adjustable studs

Studs are used in commercial construction where the slabs are needed to join. The structural framing requires every building to have different types of slabs, so workers need different stud sizes for each one.

However, with the advent of adjustable studs, contractors can now order one length and then adjust it according to the required size, which makes the whole thing more versatile and flexible in construction.

  1. Digital design tools

One of the biggest innovations in the commercial construction structural framing industry is the advent of digital design tools. All designs were previously made by hand. However, with tools like CAD, designing multiple elements of a whole construction project becomes easier.

The best part is that these tools are available on all devices, including computers, and connecting them to the internet has allowed us to work in a collaborative environment.

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  1. Pre-engineered frame parts

Pre-engineering frame parts mean that some parts of the structural frame of a commercial building become premade. It means that they just need to be installed. For example, when constructing a building, constructors can make the main frame, and for the things like windows and doors, they can simply use pre-made elements that only need Installation. It makes the construction time much shorter and lowers the overall budget.

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  1. Innovative steel elements manufacturing

Innovative steel manufacturing today allows us to yield better strength and reliability from steel while using less volume. It opens new doors for sustainable steel structural framing. A great example of innovative steel element manufacturing is the EQ studs that enhance practicality with better structural strength.

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Find out more about innovations in steel framing for commercial construction.

Structural Framing is one of the key components in commercial construction, and all the innovations in it led us to the advanced construction experience we get today. Feel free to contact our experts to know more about such innovations.


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