Steel Decking: Working, Applications, and Benefits

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Whenever constructing a building, framing, and decking are essential, and these need to be reliable enough. While there are multiple options, Steel Decking is among the best, and here is how.

What is Steel Decking, and how does it work?

It is a steel deck made with high-performance composite galvanized steel. This material is used for making steel and concrete floor with steel structures, which benefits both steel and the sturdiness of concrete. This type of decking helps increase the load capacity by mixing steel frames in concrete layers.

Applications of Steel Decking

It has lots of applications, and the most common ones include the following:

  • Heavy duty industries
  • Power plants
  • Cement warehouses
  • Electric power companies
  • Automobile exhibition halls
  • Railway stations and airport terminals
  • Supermarkets
  • Logistics centers
  • Stadiums
  • Theaters and concert halls, etc.

Benefits of Steel Decking

The top benefits of going with steel decking over any other materials include the following:

It offers quick Installation.

One of the best benefits of this decking is that it offers rapid construction. A steel structure already provides the frame, and this decking works as a firm working platform. That's why it is used for projects that require instant deployment. For added value, this decking is used along with steel plates and layers of concrete for better strength.

Brings tensile reinforcement.

Concrete floors are great in terms of longevity under normal usage. However, these are not very flexible and often crack under unusual conditions. Using this decking made from steel is a great way to add higher tensile reinforcement to the flooring of the whole structure. While concrete brings strength, steel adds tensile reinforcement, strengthening the structure.

Offers strength in cantilevered conditions.

A cantilevered condition is when a structure horizontally extends and gets support only from one side of the building. It is a great way to use a home's whole base surface area on the upper stories without constructing on the under sections.

However, finding the right reliable structure for this type of construction is hard. Steel floor decking makes a great choice as it offers a permanent formwork for such structures, offering reliability.

Better load-bearing capacity.

Concrete flooring often gets reinforcement with rebar, which works great but is good for light loads and residential construction only. When discussing industrial-grade buildings, that may not be the best choice for heavy loads.

Steel floor decking brings all the load-bearing capacity a structure needs along with the steel frame. That's how the buildings get extremely reliable for using huge loads on different stories.

Fire resistant structure

Concrete is not good against fire, while steel floor decking also brings fire resistance. It does not melt under fire making the structure better and easier to start with even after a fire. It also allows for using fire-resistant construction components for the whole project, which reduces the overall long-term cost.

Learn which type of steel decking will suit your requirements perfectly.

Steel Decking comes in a wide variety with varying features and functionalities. So, you must select one carefully, making it the perfect fit for your construction structure.


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