The Steel Structure of the Abu Dhabi Customized Plant Project Is Fully Topped Off!

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With the last steel beam lifted and installed in place, it marks the completion of the first phase of the customized workshop project of the China-Arab Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park. The main body of the steel structure is fully capped.

steel structure

Since then, the steel structure Installation of the first phase of the customized workshop in the Sino-Arab Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park has been completed, achieving the safety goal of zero accidents during the construction of the project site. Since the global spread of COVID-19, UnionSSM has overcome difficulties such as the shortage of construction personnel and the obstruction of material transportation and steadily promoted the construction of the plant, which has won recognition and acknowledgment.

 steel structure

The successful capping of the main body of the project has greatly inspired the confidence of all parties in the next development of the demonstration park, which is of milestone significance.

 steel structure Installation

The living service area project of the China-Arab production capacity cooperation demonstration park is located in Zone B of Khalifa Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi, about 23 kilometers away from the demonstration park, with a total land area of 75,000 square meters (about 112.50 mu). The management service center and related commercial supporting facilities provide a full range of services for the living and accommodation of the staff in the park. The project has a total of 9 main buildings with a total construction area of 87,000 square meters. It is equipped with public facilities such as sewage treatment stations, sports fields, and parking spaces. After completion, it can meet the occupancy conditions of 5,000 people.

 steel structure

The topping out of the main structure of the project marks that the first phase of the customized plant in China-Arab Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park has officially entered into the final work. In the subsequent work, all the staff of the project department will put in more full of enthusiasm and actively work hard to finish the work in order to complete the project successfully.

steel structure


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