Things You Should Know About Steel Decking

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If you're into construction works, you could have encountered the term "steel decking", but perhaps you do not understand much about it.

In general, decking refers to any kind of raised platforming. It is a raised structure fashioned out of metal, wood, or a synthetic material.

So, if the decking is specifically fashioned out of steel, then it's referred to as steel decking. These structural additions can be found in patios, canopies, platforms, outdoor decks, or gardens.

If you're intrigued to learn more about steel decking, then keep reading this article as we walk you through things you should know about steel decking.

What is steel decking?

Steel decking is a type of metal decking made from structural steel, as the name suggests. Steel decking is inexpensive, recyclable, long-lasting, and can't catch fire, which are all good things for homeowners. Also, because it is strong for how light it is, it costs less to move materials and build with it.

At first glance, any structure made of steel decking looks like sheet piles, except that they don't come in single pieces. Instead, they are made into corrugated sheet metals, which look like they have wave-like patterns, roofs, or ridges.

What is steel decking used for?

In different buildings, steel decking is used to support roof insulation or to bond with concrete to make a composite metal floor or wall cladding/paneling. In general, metal decking makes construction cheaper because it cuts down on the need for other, more expensive materials. They are also perfect for any kind of building, whether it has one story or many.

Steel decking can also be used in mezzanines, steel canopies, enclosures, and trash enclosures, in addition to the places already mentioned, like ceilings, roof decks, patios, floors, etc.

In warehouses, barebones mezzanines are a cheap way to make more storage space. Steel decking helps keep the plywood on mezzanine levels in place and protects it from physical damage and other things that can cause corrosion.

On the other hand, steel-decked canopies can be used in a lot of different ways. They can be a carport, a garden, an addition to a patio, a pergola canopy, or just a place to store things. Canopies made of steel provide shelter and keep things safe from the weather.

Also, steel decking can be used to build different kinds of enclosures. It is a better alternative than wood in terms of support and structure. Galvanized steel decking sheets, for example, can be bent and do not rust. The owners of the building can change these sheets into different designs based on what they like.

Uses of profiles in steel decking

The most common types of Steel decking profiles are B-deck and N-deck. Most of the time, these are used in building construction because their design meets the standards for building materials. Other types of decking profiles that are not as well-known are the A (narrow rib) and F-deck (intermediate rib metal). They aren't as common, but older buildings do have them.


Built-up roofs with spans of less than 10 feet often have B-decks. It is one of the cheapest types of steel decking and is also easy to put together. It has 6-inch-wide ribs with legs that can be hooked together to make a side lap.


Roofs and ceilings can also be made with N-deck profiles. N-decks are deeper than B-decks, which makes them perfect for increasing the span without using thicker materials. This means that the span can be longer than 10 feet, which is the limit for B-decks.

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