Types and Uses of Fasteners for Steel Structures

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Structural fasteners are strong heavy-duty fasteners that are typically used for creating structures through steel-to-steel structural connections such as buildings and bridges.

They are often applied alongside other structural fasteners to metal beams and girders.

Fasteners for steel structures are all compatible with each other and it is advised to only use structural fasteners with other structural fasteners.

 Whenever you need to erect a strong and reliable structure, ensure you get your fastener for steel structures from a reputable manufacturer.

Well, in this blog post, we shall be walking you through the various types and uses of fasteners for steel structures.

Types of Fasteners for Steel Structures

A325 Heavy Hex Bolts

The A325 Heavy Hex Bolts are heavy-duty bolts that are commonly used in the construction of steel-to-steel structural connections, such as bridges and buildings.

They are frequently used in conjunction with washers and structural nuts on girders and metal beams. The F436 and A563 fasteners are quite compatible.

The A563 Heavy Hex Nuts

This type of nuts is also referred to as A563 heavy hex finish nuts, heavy hex nuts, or even finish heavy hex nuts. These nuts can be used in a variety of fastening applications.

They are frequently used with bolts once a thick, strong, and heavy nut is required, usually for solidity or a thick finished appearance.

F436 Flat Washers

This F436 flat washer is a thin plate with a round outer diameter and an inner diameter or center hole punched to the size of the screw or bolt.

Flat washer fasteners are commonly used to evenly distribute loads of threaded nuts, bolts, and screws as they are tightened.

POP Rivets / Structural Blind

Structural Rivets are also referred to as interlock rivets in stainless steel with stainless steel mandrel.

Because of the amount of force generated, interlock pop rivets produce a stronger assembly compared to stainless steel pop rivets.

In this selection, domed head blind rivets are also known as structural rivets and interlock.

Different Uses Of Fasteners

Screw Fasteners are prevalent in numerous industries, including manufacturing and construction and many more.

A metal fastener can serve multiple purposes to ensure materials stay together during construction projects.

Roofing Projects

Roofing nails and framing nails are essential when installing new roofs or conducting repairs and maintenance on existing structures.

Wall Installation

Workers use anchors in tandem with screws to create firm mounts on drywall panels.

Vehicle Assembly

Wherever there is a connection between two parts or components such as lock nuts on tires, small fasteners can be found throughout an automobile, including the hood and the suspension system.

Cabinet Installation

Home improvement contractors need an assortment of fasteners when working on kitchen cabinet Installation and renovation projects.

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