Understanding the Different Types of Steel Decking Profiles

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If you are in the construction industry and planning to build a larger structure, then using steel decking is what you need to consider here. Steel decking is gaining popularity in the construction industry for all good reasons. These good reasons usually range from added versatility to higher strength, improved aesthetics, uniform quality, all-weather construction, and more.

The amazing range of benefits makes more and more people use steel decking as a top-notch option.

Different types of steel decking profiles you need to know

Learning different types of steel decking profiles is important here when it's about using steel decking in your construction project. So, here we have brought some common steel decking profiles that you must know.

So, here we go:

Steel specialty deck

Steel specialty decks have various levels, depths, styles, and deck combinations. These steel decks are designed to provide architects and owners with a bigger pallet and more choices in decorative, architectural floor, and roofing constructions. A steel specialty deck would be best if you want to give your construction project a modern look.

However, not all steel decking manufacturers can bear this steel decking profile. Therefore, choosing your steel decking manufacturer correctly is always important when you want to invest in specialty steel decking.  

Steel roof deck

It is arguably the primary part of all flat roof structures. The steel roof deck works as a structural panel typically extended over roof purlins and joists to give a flat surface.

A steel roof deck isn't just a deck; it works as a foundation for the roofing system.

Steel form deck

A steel form deck is a decking profile used to hold poured concrete. This steel decking profile offers a permanent structure to the cured concrete floor slabs. In addition, it also doesn’t cost you anything for the material removal. This type of steel decking profile is easier, quicker, and more affordable to install than other options.

However, if you want to add strength to your concrete slabs, you should avoid using steel from the deck profile in your structure.

Steel form decks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Consequently, choosing the right option for your needs will become easier.

Steel composite floor deck

Previously, steel decking was installed as a stay-in-place decking version. However, the modern composite floor deck profiles have brought some added benefits over conventional steel decking. The benefits range from shorter construction time to reduced work costs. However, the availability of steel composite floor decking isn't common. So, finding its manufacturer can become harder than others.

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