UnionSSM Carries out Workshop Strengthening 8S Management Activities

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In order to strengthen the company's production management, rectify irregularities in the production of various departments, create a clean, tidy, efficient and safe working environment for employees, maximize work efficiency, eliminate potential safety hazards, save costs, and stimulate employees' team awareness, give full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of employees, and further improve product quality and production efficiency, it is imperative for the company to strengthen 8S management. The implementation plan of 8S management is now arranged as follows.


Set up 8S management committee

In order to effectively promote the company's 8S management committee and truly implement 8S management work, so that employees can recognize the importance of 8S and apply what they have learned in their work. So the company officially established the 8S management committee on September 18, 2020, and began to implement "8S" rewards and punishments on October 1.

The responsibility of the 8S management committee is to conduct a major inspection of the 8S management of each production department, record the irregularities in a timely manner, and formulate improvement measures, so that the 8S management can be further improved.

Implementation of 8S management

A comprehensive 8S management inspection is carried out once a week, and the 8S management committee is responsible for inspecting all departments. Records should be made for places that do not meet the requirements of 8S management.

A: Check the placement of objects in each department (organize and rectify).

B. Hygiene and maintenance situation (cleaning, cleaning, literacy).

C. Production safety situation (safety).

D. Employee's saving and service awareness (saving, learning).


8S Committee notes

1. The inspection members of the 8S Committee must carefully fill in the inspection record form, record the existing problems, discuss and put forward rectification opinions, and then submit the inspection record form to the Administration Department for filing.

2. The members of the 8S Committee must implement the principle of fairness and impartiality, truthfully reflect and fill in the actual situation of each department, and must not practice favoritism and fraud.

Rules for reward and punishment

The full score is 4 points/item, excellent (4) good (3) fair (2) poor (1-0). At the end of each month, according to the total of weekly inspections, the highest score in the month will be divided into excellent teams.

Reward method:

1. When the production management center holds a safety meeting for all employees at the beginning of each month, the director of the committee or the executive director will issue the mobile "8S Excellent Team Pennant" to the last month's excellent team.

2. The award fund will be distributed at the conference site. The minimum group is divided into review teams to rectify non-standard items in a timely manner. The team leader who has received the most monthly evaluations throughout the year will give priority to recommending the annual evaluations!


Inspection time

It will be checked irregularly once a week, and photos will be posted on the bulletin board, so that everyone can supervise and learn from each other.

Chairman Message:

It is hoped that all employees will earnestly perform 8S responsibilities, fully implement 8S management elements, and strive to create an efficient, high-quality, safe and harmonious environment for the enterprise. Through the management improvement of 8S, it will create higher value for customers, and will also bring more customers and higher benefits to UnionSSM.


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