UnionSSM Construction Has Made Every Effort to Promote Overseas Projects

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On August 23, the first batch of 6 employees of UnionSSM Construction arrived in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which marked that the construction of the standard factory building project of the China-Arab production capacity cooperation demonstration park has entered the overseas construction stage, and contributed Chinese wisdom and contribution to the promotion of China-Arab cooperation.


After the project won the bid, UnionSSM Construction immediately started the structural design of the project, and actively cooperated with the general contractor to complete the overseas application for review of the drawings, and then stepped up the production and transportation of domestic components. In the face of the sudden epidemic, we have stepped up preparations for overseas epidemic prevention and production organization contingency plans in the process of steadily promoting the resumption of work and production. After the news that Abu Dhabi's entry was lifted in early July, UnionSSM Construction quickly carried out foreign affairs discipline and safety construction, epidemic prevention and other training, do nucleic acid testing before departure, and be equipped with protective clothing, masks and other epidemic prevention kits to ensure the safe and smooth arrival of this group of "retroversaries" who are performing contracts for international projects.


It is reported that the first phase of the project is 28,000 square meters, which are two standard manufacturing unit steel structure prefabrication workshops. This is the first overseas steel structure project undertaken by UnionSSM Construction this year. This is a demonstration project of cooperation between China and the United Arab Emirates. In accordance with the US design specifications, the steel structure of UnionSSM completed the structural design using Chinese standard materials, and successfully passed the approval, and completed the manufacturing in a short period of time.



At present, the Installation of one of the main steel frames of the project has been completed, and the Installation of the other main steel frame has begun.


UnionSSM construction should further enhance the awareness of the crisis, establish confidence in enterprise development, maintain strategic thinking, strengthen confidence, boost morale, continue to do a good job of "six stability" and "six guarantees", pay close attention to the fundamental tasks of enterprise construction and production, and build a firm foundation for the development of the enterprise, to ensure the full completion of the annual target tasks.


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