UnionSSM Manufacturing Base Conducts Fire Drills

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On May 30, 2020, the Manufacturing Base of UnionSSM conducted a comprehensive fire emergency drill.

This fire drill simulated "the paint class of the production department caught fire due to a short circuit of the electrical box of the sand blasting machine, igniting the nearby paint and causing a fire". Before the drill, the safety director and relevant leaders made detailed arrangements for the division of labor on various details, and perfected the drill plan according to the key points of the drill, and made rigorous preparations before the drill.

At about 16:00 in the afternoon, the exercise officially started. Luo Wenfu, the leader of the paint team, started the alarm bell urgently and reported to Director Song, the head of the company's production department, and Director Mao, the director of fire safety. Director Mao reported to Deputy General Manager Cao, the commander-in-chief of the fire drill. Deputy General Manager Cao instructed all staff to enter a state of emergency, and issued instructions to evacuate and start the drill.

Volunteer security guards at various positions in the office area and production workshop immediately organize employees to escape and evacuate. The security guards at the door instruct and guide everyone not to worry, cover their mouths and noses and pass in order. The orderly guidance of security guards allows everyone to quickly evacuate from the office area and production workshop.

The safety director reported the situation to the drill commander in a timely manner, and led everyone to gather at the evacuation point of the factory within the specified time. Fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and simulated fire sources have been placed at evacuation points. In accordance with the established goals of the fire drill, Mao Jing, director of fire safety, explained the basic knowledge of fire fighting, fire alarm, escape skills, and the use of fire extinguishing equipment, etc., and organized fire fighting drills for employees to actually operate fire extinguishers and fire hoses to ensure that all personnel learn to use them.

In this drill, Liu Lulu, the head of the ambulance team, and the safety director explained common injuries, common sense of first aid, and emergency precautions in the event of various disasters, so as to prevent problems before they occur.

At the end of the drill, the commander-in-chief of the fire drill, Deputy General Manager Cao conducted the on-site drill and practical comments. This comprehensive fire emergency drill was a complete success with the cooperation of all staff, and the emergency teams were tested again according to the plan. Organizational ability, command ability, and adaptability have also been exercised. The fire safety awareness and emergency self-rescue ability of employees participating in fire drills and observation have been enhanced, which is very beneficial to responding to emergencies in the future. It is hoped that through this fire drill, all employees will remember that "safety work is more important than Mount Tai", and thereby improve fire emergency awareness and skills.

"Combination of fire prevention and fire prevention, prevention first, comprehensive management" is the policy of our country's fire safety work. We will regularly carry out training or drills to improve the emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response of our employees, effectively reduce accident hazards, reduce accidents, and ensure the company's safe, healthy and orderly development.


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