UnionSSM's Foreign Trade Project Has Another Good News | Main Steel Structures Shipped to Abu Dhabi

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On August 6, the Abu Dhabi project of UnionSSM was successfully loaded and shipped. This shipment is for the project's steel beams, coupling beams, inter-column supports, awning beams, parapets, etc., which are strictly produced according to the owner's requirements, and successfully passed various inspections before delivery.

Party A inspected and compared a number of steel structure companies, among them, he highly praised UnionSSM for its outstanding quality, rigorous management and rich export experience, and finally chose UnionSSM firmly!

Since the resumption of work and production, UnionSSM has been focusing on management and epidemic prevention on the one hand, ensuring product quality and ensuring that personnel is not infected by the epidemic. Now the domestic epidemic situation has improved significantly, and some countries overseas have also eased restrictions on imports from China, and export trade will also recover rapidly.

With excellent quality and strict management, UnionSSM continues to practice the goal of "building a steel structure enterprise with core competitiveness in China", and promotes the healthy development of the entire industry while promoting its own performance to a higher level.


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