Warmly Celebrate the Official Listing of UnionSSM as Guangdong Prefabricated Construction Industry Base

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On the afternoon of May 21, the listing ceremony of "Guangdong Prefabricated Construction Industry Base" was held in the conference room on the second floor of Qingyuan Manufacturing Base of UnionSSM.


UnionSSM's entry into prefabricated buildings is an important measure for the company to focus on transformation, upgrading and future development. This is a milestone in the development of UnionSSM. Taking the prefabricated construction industry base in Guangdong Province as the starting point, we will help UnionSSM Construction to go better and further on the road of industrial development.

Based in South China, the group has outstanding advantages in the research and development and production of main steel frame products and auxiliary materials for steel structure construction. The company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise in 2017 and was rated as Qingyuan Engineering Technology Research Center in 2018.

The company invests heavily and actively promotes the construction of the prefabricated construction industry base, which is not only in line with the national and local policy orientation, but also the inevitable choice for future innovation and development of UnionSSM Construction and industrial chain companies.

UnionSSM has successfully obtained the second batch of "Guangdong Province Prefabricated Building Industry Bases". It will give full play to the advantages of design, research and development, standards, integration and innovation in the industrialization of prefabricated buildings, promote the practice of demonstration projects, and provide the company's next development, creating new growth points, providing customers with more and better services, and further leading the direction of industrial development.


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