What Is the Difference Between Metal Siding and Metal Cladding?

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If you are a little confused between Metal Roofing & Cladding and metal sliding, both are the same procedures for waterproofing the roofs. You can use both terms as an alternative, but both terms have the same meaning. Metal Roofing & Cladding is an exterior layer for the roofs of your building to offer maximum protection against harsh weather and other conditions that might have damaged your roof and walls, like siding.

How to do Metal Roofing & Cladding?

Here is a step-by-step guide to Metal Roofing & Cladding:

Get tools and equipment

You will need all the heavy equipment to help you lift the heavy metal panels to the roof, like cranes and other equipment needed to complete the task. First, you have to gather the right type of equipment if you want to complete the job like a pro.

It would be wise to get the equipment and tools checked by an engineer or any other professional before you buy them.

Perfect measurement

It is time to start the fieldwork. While preparing the blueprint for the building, you will work on all the measurements. Now it is time to have an estimate for the metal roofing and cladding so you don't end up buying the metal panels that would go to waste.

Perfect measurements and how you want to design the roof are also quite important. You will have to mold the metal panels according to the shape of the roof. Therefore, you must be careful while working on the measurement part.

Trim/mold them according to the measurements

One of the most important reasons why constructors prefer metal roofing and cladding is the nature of the material. You can mold the metal panels and trim them according to your requirement and the size and shape of the roof.

So, now it is time to do the job of cutting and trimming the metal panels so they would fit in the frame on the roof.

Clearing any obstruction

The first thing a professional would do while metal roofing and cladding would be clear any obstruction on the ground level or roof. Therefore, you have to ensure that there would be no obstruction to stop you from doing your work.

Plus, it is also essential so no accident would happen. Sometimes you or any equipment get stuck when you start the metal roofing, and cladding becomes a cause of any accident. Therefore, you should ensure that your way up toward the roof is clear. So, you can complete your job smoothly.

Start installment of metal panels

The last step of metal roofing and cladding would be the Installation phase of metal panels. You will require heavy machinery to do this job. You may have to get a crane that will help you to take the heavy metal panels to the roof. You have to be careful while placing the metal panels on the roof's frame; they must fit perfectly.

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