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What's your Minimum order Quantity (MoQ)?


MOQ for Structure steel fabrication: 80 metric ton or build up area is about 3500 sqm or 35000 sqf.

MOQ for Metal claddings: 5000 sqm


Can you supply material as per UK or US or other standards? Can Chinese standard material be accepted by local authority?


Yes, we can, but we mainly supply Chinese standard material, because Chinese standard material is accept by most countries and the price is more competitive, about 1/3 cheaper than other standard material.


If you need the detail size and properties of Chinese standard section steel, a kit include Excel section list, installation free software and AutoCAD plugin (Know more) will be supplied by us. 


Or you can design by using the material which you're familiar with, then we will replace them to equivalent Chinese standard material and make them to be accepted by local authority, it is easy but can save you many cost.

We have many practical experience about it, especially for the projects in Middle east, Southeast Asian, Australia, and Africa.


How to send large size files to China for free?


Some cloud storages such as Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc. are blocked in China. If you hope to send us large files which exceeds the max attachment size of your email or ours (60 MB), WeTransfer is the best choice.

WeTransfer is a wildly used website used to share large files up to 2GB for free in a simplest way, as their promise, your files will be safe and delete from their server in several days. Below steps shows how to sent files, it is easy and free. We suggest you to use it to send us large files. 

Click here to visit and start to sent the large files:


Are your manufacturer or trading company?


We are manufacturer. Our plant located in Qingyuan City, Guangdong, China, covers an area of 100,000 square meters. You can visit our factory online here or check out more of our photos in Home»Blog»Daily Records. Welcome to visit our factory.


Do UnionSSM and UGEC finance?


Neither UnionSSM nor UGEC under UCG provides financing. All sales are cash-based.
However, qualified individuals/businesses have the option to obtain a loan from his / or her bank.


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