Metal Trim and Flashing

Trim and Flashing for Metal Roofing and Wall Panels.

TRIM: The light gage metal used in the finish of a building, especially around openings and at intersections of surfaces. Often referred to as flashing. When contrasted, "trim" is generally more decorative, while "flashing" serves more as functional weatherproofing.

Flashing refers to the waterproof structure between the roof waterproof layer and the protruding structure. At the junction of parapets, chimneys, staircases, deformation joints, manholes, risers and other wall surfaces protruding from the roof and the roof, the roof waterproof layer is extended to these vertical surfaces to form a vertical waterproof layer, called flashing.

Flashing is a kind of waterproof technology in buildings. Generally speaking, it is actually the waterproof treatment at the intersection of wall and roof, that is, at the intersection of all flat and vertical surfaces that need waterproof treatment. The corner of the wall is covered with waterproof materials, which is different from the apron.

UnionSSM, as a professional sheet metal flashing and trim manufacturer, offers high quality wall sheet metal trim and flashing, and we also offer custom metal flashing and trim.


We supply appropriate flashing & trims as per the building requirements. Flashing, trims and other accessories are produced using same materials as used for roof & wall sheeting.

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