Secondary Members

Secondary members are defined as non-load-bearing masonry or concrete small components in construction projects that are supplemented after the main structure is completed and before the decoration works.

Secondary members include: structural columns, door and window reinforcement frames, infill walls, masonry parapets, waist beams of shear wall structures, horizontal tie beams of frame structures, lintels, window sill ring beams, window sill slabs, concrete tops, ground And roof rigid anti-crack concrete cushion, balcony railing and so on.

The seismic strength of secondary members and concrete strength is one to two levels lower than that of the primary structure, and the concrete secondary members need to be pre-built reinforcement or planted afterwards. Although the secondary members do not belong to the load-bearing structure, their seismic effect cannot be underestimated, such as structural columns and ring beams, which play an important role in linking and maintaining the safety and stability of the whole building.

UnionSSM can provide state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for complete metal building solutions including secondary steel frames, one-stop fabrication and supply of almost all kinds of secondary steel structures in the field of prefabricated metal buildings (PEMB).



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