Metal Building Installation

"Steel Installation" is a general term referring to work tasks associated with the Installation and dismantling of a structural steel frame or structure which may include hoisting, connecting, welding, bolting, and rigging structural steel, steel joists and metal buildings; installing metal deck, siding systems, miscellaneous metals, ornamental iron and similar materials; and moving from point-to-point to perform these activities.


We are specialized in Fabrication & Installation of all kinds of Steel Structural Buildings since 1995, 3 kinds of solutions for metal building Installation can be supplied by us: 

(1) 7×24 Online instruction: 

If your steel construction materials are provided by us, we usually provide 7*24 hours on-line Installation guidance at no cost. As soon as you have Installation problems, we can provide Installation guidance in the form of video, telephone, email, etc.

(2) On-site Installation instruction: 

We can send one or two project managers to the site to instruct your Erector how to erect the metal building. If local installers are available at a good price, then we can send one or two project managers on-site to instruct your installers on how to install the metal buildings. This solution can greatly reduce the construction period and cost.

(3) To be your Steelwork Contractor or Metal Building Erector:

We can be your Steelwork Contractor or Metal Building Erector to help you to install the steel buildings, we can provide experienced Erectors to work as employees of the contractor on the site. 


We know that different regions have different laws and rules, and all buildings will require various permits before they are allowed to be used, so even though we've done more than 2,000 projects in China, we still only offer experienced Erectors for some large overseas projects, works as the employees of the contractor, to complete the Installation work on schedule. Efficient and hardworking Chinese Erectors can speed up the project and save you many cost.

Eg: In 2020, during the COVID-19, in addition to ensuring our safety, our Erectors completed the Installation work of a 13,167 sqm standard manufacture workshop in 30 days, including waiting for material and equipments. By the way, the temperature during these days is 30-46 degree centigrade (86-114.8 Fahrenheit degree).


Installation Drawings and As-build Draswings may be provided upon request.

Metal Building Installation, Steel Building Installation

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1. Common Industry Practices for the Metal Building Systems Installation and Other Field Work, reference to Section 6 of the new guidebook Common Industry Practices published by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA).


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